Think about your Okada ban policy again- political analyst advises govt.

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Mr Ebo elaborated that the stance taking by the ruling party is not well thought out and might affect its electoral chances come December 7.He gave this advise in accordance with a statement made by the Vice President, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia in Accra yesterday.

Dr. Bawumia has stated earlier yesterday that the NPP government will never legalize okada, a decision he described as difficult but in the best interest of the country.

But Mr. Ebo says the comments by the Vice President is in sharp contradiction to what the Transport Ministry told Ghanaians.

He elaborated that some countries have successfully commercialised Okada with several women in the business, adding “if other countries have done it, why can’t we do it? We should look at it very well. Whether you like it or not, Okada has come to stay.”

Mr Ebo also asked how many people “can get access to the cars the Vice President talked about. Dr. Bawumia hasn’t thought about this carefully and the party has also not thought about it. The government should rethink about this Okada business”.

Mr Ebo has urge the government to rethink about this decision as it can affect them badly in the coming polls.

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