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Health Minister’s Status On COVID–19 Won’t Get You A Million Votes Says Vhim Lady.

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Afia Pokuaa, a renowned broadcaster has come out to disclose that she feels like NDC members are those coming after her the most.

She reacted to the criticism whiles performing her show on Okay FM. She said the attacks on her won’t allow the NDC to win any votes so they should just stay away from her.

She said

“Don’t make the issue about me, Vim Lady is not a kid. My parents didn’t give birth to me two days ago. I’ve been in the media for several years and I understand the ethics of the profession. I also know the law.

“People are saying Afia Pokuaa has lied so Afia Pokuaa should come and apologize. Apologize for what? I reported what I was told? Why is everybody especially NDC, why are you making it look if Minister has COVID it will give you automatic 1 million votes and why will NPP cover up if the Minister has tested positive. If the Minister has or doesn’t have how will it affect your status?”

“Think about yourself. President now says it’s compulsory to wear facemask so are you having the facemask? That’s what you should concern yourself with. This whole thing that has been politicized and they are blaming Afia Pokuaa for bringing problems is because of the voter’s register. If you’ve a problem with the voters register take me out because I’ve no stake in the voter’s register. I’ve said that I won’t even go and register for the card like I did with the NIA card because I don’t have that time and I won’t risk my life that COVID-19 is in Ghana and I will join queues to register for a voters ID card.”

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