Black man dies because of horrible abuse of power

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For centuries now, black people have been battling against racism.

It have been the order of the day as a lot of white people see themselves as superior over black people.

History have recorded a number of inhuman acts towards black people from these white people which depicts pure racism

In most countries like China,India, America etc black people are compared to Monkeys.

Black people at these countries face a lot of racist comments.

Why this sudden blog about racism?

I write today about racism because history has repeated itself.

Eric Garner of New York, on July 17th 2014 died and his racist murderers walked free and it has happened again as a man called Gorge Floyd have been killed by the US police.

I attribute this as racism and you will get my point after you have watch the video below.

Africa, Black people, let us stand and stay a Big NO to racism.

Please let me know what you think about this in the comments box

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