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Anthony peter Jones have passed away.

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It’s a sad story as another great Jamaican singer has unfortunately left us. Great friend of Winston Foster aka Yellowman, the great singer of the Dj Style Purple Man genre aka Anthony Peter Jones passed away tonight.
The dawn of the 1980’s was a time when the dances were changing.

Dancehall vibes in Kingston were sizzling hot and a seemingly endless list of artists were sharpening their sound. True veteran Purpleman was right there; releasing crucial albums and mashing up the dance. After the success of the recent “Home Once More” issued on 2014.
One solid excursion that delivers all the way.
Purpleman was born and raised in Waterhouse, Kingston.
Standing firm, he’s one of three albino Dj’s to make solid impact. The other two are King Yellowman and King Mellow Yellow. Peter’s first cut “A Fe We Jah” in 1979 established himself as an artist to be reckoned with.

The early ’80’s saw a slew of killer albums. Notably, his debut “Hot” in 1982, “DJ Confrontation” with U Brown, “Purpleman Saves Papa Tullo In A Dancehall” in 1983 and the essential “The Yellow, The Purple & The Nancy” in 1982 was picked up by Greensleeves and giving him international exposure. He quickly became prominent on King Jammy’s sound system. “Shock Of The Century” 1985 was a pivotal moment in Dancehall history. The four Sound clash (Lloyd James, Purpleman, Nicodemus, Papa Tulllo), Youth Promotion, Kilimanjaro and Scorpio rings so true. Purpleman mashed it up and Jammy’s took the title. This was also the first time Tenor Saw on Youth Promotion peeled off “Ring The Alarm”. Not officially recognized, this event was the initial “Sting”. Since then, Mr. Jones has released some crucial singles. Fast forward to 2014 and he releases “Home Once More”; an engaging album sparking renewed interest. The veteran is front and center again with a successful tour in Brazil and an extensive tour of California slated for next month. A humble and enduring talent deserving of the rekindling of his career.
Never forgotten and love forever
January 4 1962 ,August 19 2020 .

This is a very sad story and we will forever remember this legend.

Stay tuned for more.

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